304 West Millbrook Rd, Unit 304F, Raleigh, NC 27609
(Jefferson Square Business Condos - Across the street from KinderCare Center
- Behind the 300 Building  - 304F is the end unit on the far left)

"To be renewed in the spirit of your mind and to put on the new self" (Eph 4:22-24)

By Appointment Only

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed (text for availability; additional fees apply) 
Tuesday: 1230pm-630pm
Wednesday: 9am-330pm
Thursday: 1230-630pm
Friday: 1230am-630pm
Saturday: 9am-330pm

*text for availability outside of regular business hours; additional fees will apply*


-Reduces stress, tension, anxiety and depression
-Strengthens the immune system
-Relieves headaches
-Improves flexibility and range of motion
-Enhances energy, vitality and the quality of life
-Alleviates aches and pains
-Increases performance and productivity
-Promotes muscle recovery
-Reduces and breaks down adhesions (knots) and fibrosis
-Stretches your connective tissue
-Reduces muscle and soft tissue pain
-Helps prevent muscular atrophy
-Lowers blood pressure
-Improves circulation
-Enhances relaxation and your overall well-being